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Benefits Of Work From Home And Freelancing

Benefits Of Work From Home And Freelancing


The benefits of working from home or freelancing have a positive impact on employees in many aspects on a global scale. The increase in Wifi bandwidth and Cloud software has enabled working from home and freelancing among working professionals of our present day. Though the Covid-19 pandemic may have been the catalyst around the world for working from home or freelancing for millions of employees, the escape from being confined to cubicles may be boosting their physical and mental health and improving efficiency in their work.

Listed below are the benefits of work from home and freelancing:

A healthier work-life balance: Work from home provides a better work-life balance with flexible schedules which can be invaluable when it comes to attending to the needs of your personal life. As a freelancer one can pace himself to his own selected projects, with less amount of accountability to managers thereby enabling him to self-plan accordingly, for an excellent work-life balance.

Safety from the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic and other viruses:  Freelancing and work from home gives you less opportunity to interact with infected people, or unknowingly be a victim or cause for the spread of Covid-19.

Zero commuting by office employees: The time and energy spent on commuting to and fro is avoided by work from home. Employees can now utilize more time by saving time from commuting to work from home, and also for rest. It also makes you less subjective to traffic noise. Also, work from home employees has the benefit of less spent energy from avoiding vehicle traveling, being subjected to traffic jams, or the concentration required for driving one’s vehicle. 

Choice of location: Working from a place of your choice gives you access to a broader range of job opportunities that aren’t limited by geographical areas when it comes to freelancing. An ergonomic chair, lifted computer screens, and over-head earphones are all that is required to make your work-place comfortable and conducive for freelancing to focus and work efficiently. 

Cost savings for employees: By working from home companies and freelancers save on costs due to electrical power in offices, transportation, professional wardrobe, lunches, and snacks purchased outside can be eliminated. There could also be less child care costs and more time with family. As a freelancer, you won’t have to pay for office space and office supplies.

Greater flexibility and independence: You can pace yourself to your work and become more independent from managers' accountability as a freelancer. Working from home gives you a flexible opportunity to choose and avoid redundant projects when it comes to acquiring new skills.

A happier and healthier work-life: Working from home can increase employees' mental health and reduce stress. It also provides more time for hobbies and other interests like exercising, gardening, meditation, and improves personal relationships as there is more time for interacting with family members and friends.

Companies are certainly catching onto the trend and have the flexibility of virtual employment or work from home as they can see the benefits gleaned from remote workers. I recommend the website Outrun for finding jobs online, and for freelancing jobs.

________Written by Sennen Pinto, Freelance Writer