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Freelancers and Clients - Here’s a Journey Through Outrun! Know How it Works

Freelancers and Clients - Here’s a Journey Through Outrun! Know How it Works

Freelancers and Clients - Here’s a Journey Through Outrun! Know How it Works


Note:- With a one-time annual membership fee, you can access all facilities, hire maximum freelancers, and work on multiple projects throughout the year. We do not charge any commission on billing. Just a one-time annual fee and that’s all and we make sure that you should be satisfied and get more than you expect. We make it possible to work in a way that is reliable, consistent, and valid!


Let’s Empower Freelancing!


Outrun is easy! Outrun is fun! Outrun is hassle-free, convenient and a great place for freelancers and clients to find what they want: jobs online! But then, you already know all this by now. Let us now tell you what you need to know, that is, how to join us. 


Freelancers, we are now going to walk you through the different steps to getting started with us. And before you get your glasses and magnifying lenses on, let’s assure that it’s just not complicated. You can, in fact, get yourself into the family in a matter of minutes, that is if you are not of those kinds who get up for a cup of coffee unexpectedly in between seconds while working on something important. So, without much ado, if you are serious about working with, let’s not wait any more seconds but jump straight ahead into it! Here’s the first step: 


First, you sign up with us - 


Just like it is on Facebook or any other of your favorite sites, isn’t it? So, we are hoping that you should find it easy and not already find our site complicated. There are three things that you need to do to get this done:


Fill up our online form. -  The details are simple. We won’t dig in to know when was the last time you robbed the bank. 


Make the payment - Again, this one too is easy, because, with us, all you have to give us is the one-time annual membership fee of $20 for freelancers and $50 USD for businesses. There will be no commission on any billing like other platforms, you will get all that you deserve. We don’t take any reward for your hard work. 


Accept Our Warm Welcome - Finally, smile, because you are now part of the family!


Now, Find Your Projects -


And believe us, we have plenty of them for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are an audio engineer, an animator, a content writer, a translator, fashion designer, digital marketer, or someone in the tech or business field. Whatever you are, there is a work from home job online for you. 


And with us to help you through it all, you have absolutely no worries. We take you by the hand and walk you through so you can take all the advantage of our many projects and work on as many as you can. That’s what makes us different!


Get Hired - 


So, here’s how it works! Clients check your profile. They hire you. You work for them. You do a good job and they give you a good review. You keep these good reviews coming and we give you a place among our top freelancers. You get a place there and you win all the exposure you want to thrive on our page. 


Now, who said getting hired as a freelancer was difficult? It all depends on the platform you find freelance jobs online from. 


Get Paid -


And here’s the most important part. At Outrun, we provide the utmost security to all things and mainly to your money. Your money, once paid by a client will be well-protected in our account and released to you once you complete a project. This way, we follow a systematic approach to avoid confusion. See how cool it is to work with us!


Get Reviewed - 


At the end of the day, don’t worry. Our clients are genuine and if you are sincere, hard-working, and pleasant to work with, give you helpful reviews that you can use to grow with us, and keep coming back for more projects and greater reviews by the day!


And with that, we wish you, freelancers, all the best!


Now for the Clients!


What’s in it for you? Let’s have a look together as we walk you through our journey with us!


Sign Up -


No one’s an exception to this first step, right? So, in order to get started with us, you go through this almost automated step that anyone doing anything on social media does. The steps are simple. There’s a form to fill, then you pay the fee, and you are welcome to be a part of us. 


Stay assured that this is all that we ask you, after which there will be no money demanded on our part for commission, service, or any other name. 


Now Post Your Requirements        - 


Here, we welcome all kinds of job requirements, so whether you want someone to work on your business project or just need an audio engineer to make your vocals sound nice, just post it out there and you will have people rushing to help you? 


Mobile marketing, content writing, animation, whatever that it is that you are looking for, we have freelancers here for you. Post it now!


Screen Your Freelancers - 


You will now have a flood of people gushing in with offers. You can have a look at each of them before you decide on the ones you want to sign a contract with. You can then proceed to share your details. You can hire more than one freelancer. In fact, you can hire as many as you want. And here’s the best part. If you have hired the most freelancers from us. You win a complimentary offer from us. We will advertise your business and all for free! Now go ahead and hire all of them out there!


Pay Your Freelancer


At Outrun, you make a payment to us. We wait for your work to get done and then make the payment to them. This way, we make work between freelancers and clients pleasant and hassle-free. 


So, you see, freelancers or clients, simple as that! At Outrun, we bring in freelancers who are verified and reliable so you won’t have to worry about whether you’re going to get your work done or not. And with that, we wish you all the best. Now find people who can work for you online to make getting work done easy and pleasant. 


We provide advertising benefits to clients, free of cost as our complimentary offer on hiring freelancers as much as they need.