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Full Time and Part Time Freelancers: 5 Things That Make Clients Nervous!

Full Time and Part Time Freelancers: 5 Things That Make Clients Nervous!


To hire freelancers is not the same as hiring a regular employee whom you will enter your office in smart clothes every day. Be it a full-time freelancer or a part-time freelancer that you want, here you will be dealing with someone you can see probably only through mails, messages, and the chatbox, and if you are casual, perhaps social media. 


However, like everything else, hiring freelancers has its own pros and cons. So, get rid of the cons, and then your part-time freelancers or full-time freelancers let you enjoy nothing but the pros. 


So, how do we go about this? Let’s do that by looking at five things that make most clients nervous when it's time to hire freelancers: 


I Don’t Like the Conditions -


To hire freelancers from a freelancing platform usually means having to follow conditions regarding the number of freelancers you can hire, the extra charges you have to pay, and so on. 


I Can’t Afford the Charges -


Freelancing platforms can sometimes cost a lot. Not to forget, there are all those commissions, fees, and other demands that make a client think twice when it comes to getting a full-time freelancer or even a part-time freelancer. 


Isn’t It Hard to Hire Freelancers? - 


For one, there are some who are better at baking or dancing or whatever but then decide to do some freelancing too. So, spotting the really serious ones among these excited jacks of all can be one additional challenge. This could be especially true if your field of the business tends to have a few freelancers out there. 


How Do I Trust Them? -


And then you have the overconfident ones who think you have no right to dictate terms to them. 

Well, if they were across your seat in office, you could just intimidate them with a fierce glare, right? Is that what is making you think twice about getting a full-time freelancer?


The Last One Took My Money and Disappeared!


Yes, there are some who can even take your money and run away. Let’s not even bother to talk about that. Pickpockets are to be dealt with anytime. 


Outrun: Your Solution to Hire Freelancers!


So, all this being said, we now present Outrun, your one-stop shop for all hire freelancers, and good ones! Now, get the best and most reliable freelancers in any field at just a one-time membership fee. We won’t bother about asking you any more than this. Hire as many as you want and if by chance you have hired the most from us, then congratulations. You win a free offer of our business advertising for you. 


And here’s the best part. Here at Outrun, you pay us, and we keep your money safe in an escrow account, sending it to your freelancer only once a project has been completed. For more details visit here!